The first, most players are looking for when they sign up for new casino sites are the bonuses they can get. A casino with few or no bonuses can make it very tough in today’s market, it will be almost impossible to compete with other sites that have high bonuses.

Almost all casinos online offer some kind of starting bonus, whether it’s a
sign up bonus where you get free money just for signing up, or a first deposit bonus where they will give you extra money for the first insertion into the casino. But what separates some casinos from the crowd are the offers submitted after the player has made their first insertion.

Many casinos use only a starting bonus to the player on the hook, and ends as giving out bonuses as soon as the player has started to play while other casinos provide constantly out bonuses to their players. A good way to navigate the jungle is to seek casino portals, writing about various casinos, and evaluate these with a critical eye. is one such site, and here I have found many good tips and hints, and found the jewel among all casinos; Mr Green, which is my regular spot for gambling online.

Generally, holidays like Christmas and New Year also feast to casino bonuses – when offered julekalender, reload between Christmas and New Year and I do not know what.

Major international events like the Olympics or the FIFA World Cup also generates extra bonuses – but especially sports games. Euro Gambler is a side who writes about gaming operators online.

Blackjack 2017An important key to the bonuses is to make sure you subscribe to newsletters from your online casino, this is where most of the offerings are presented to you. The more you play at a casino, the more likely you are to receive promotions with offers of free spins and more.

Many believe that one always plays alone when playing casino online. This is only partially true. There are also multiplayer vers ions of most games and tournaments, which makes it all the more exciting.

If a casino offers a tournament, a so-called race, as advertised rules on the site. Usually there is a specific slot used in the tournament / race, and then getting the players who have wagered the most, or won most, share a prize pool where size is determined by the amount wagered in the tournament.

Blackjack 2017The great thing about these casino tournaments is that it’s completely free to join.

All you have to do is play for real money on the given slot machine, and your game history will be recorded automatically, and if you are the player who has wagered / won most at the end of the tournament, you win!

Although you can not control the outcome casino games are based on luck, there will be additional stimulant to know that you are fighting against other players.

Sometimes premiums can also be very large in some of the larger casino sites out there with prize pools well over 100 000. and other similar websites tend to advertise online casino tournaments, so it might be a good idea to surf back such sites to be sure not to miss anything exciting!